Never Eat Soggy Gum.

Ever tried eating soggy chewing gum? Well, word of advice – Don’t. I always carry a bottle of water along with other miscellaneous in my bag which my friends call ‘my treasure trove of not-so-precious junk’ and it somehow leaked and into my last pack of gum. Pig that I am decided to ignore the sogginess and painstakingly separated the tiny ‘filament’ of gum that was unwavering in its resolve to stick to the paper and put it in my mouth only to discover that soggy gum in your mouth tastes like wet paper mache…’Yuk!’

It’s the middle of the night and I’ve been roaming around like a bloody insomniac these past couple of days just trying to figure out how to complete this chapter that I’ve started and the ‘Goddamn itch‘ just wouldn’t go away. Before you let your imaginations run wild about the itch and where I could possibly be itching – It was just a mental thing – and it has led me here to the point where I’m writing my very first blogpost on WordPress.

I’ve been writing for ten years now and if your wondering – Why so late to blogging? Well, I used to have a blog at Blogspot which due to certain personal issues and others moved from ‘temporarily inactive’ to ‘permanently discontinued’

Lot of water has flown under the bridge since that and finally as I finish the first draft of my first novel I start my blog.



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